In 2020 I was signed off by my spinal surgeon, fourteen years after being diagnosed with Scoliosis.  Scoliosis is a genetic disorder that affects the spine specifically the curvature of the spine. Myself and my sister have had to have major surgeries to correct this curvature, my mother also suffers from the condition to a more minor degree and as a family, this has made us closer. 
In this project, I aimed to explore my experience suffering with scoliosis and having multiple major operations, how it affected my familial relationships and my teen years. 


In 2020 the world was spun into disarray by the Covid-19 pandemic, subsequently, many people had their life plans uprooted. These images encapsulate the ensuing privileged normalcy that occurred for the photographer, Emma Aughton, while the world seemed to be in chaos. For Emma there was a sense of detachment from the pandemic as the majority of her immediate family and friends were not affected, and moving back to a small village increased this feeling. Emma then took photographs of her family and surroundings to document this feeling of detachment. 

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